Sue McBride

Sue McBride is an Indie folksinger/songwriter and master educator from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is known in the music world for creating positive and uplifting music for both children and adults and providing “family-friendly” live entertainment with angelic vocals, ukulele, guitar, and piano accompaniment.

She is a former graduate and vocal student of Dalhousie University Music Department, toured with Young Neptune Theatre Company, studied Music Theatre at the Banff Centre of the Arts, and has several advanced degrees in education from Mount St. Vincent University. Her soulful singing and original compositions are deeply reflective of her life’s experiences in working and living in Nova Scotia.

Her children’s music and videos and are inspirations from her many years of work with children in the school system of Nova Scotia, teaching music education and providing innovative learning support to special learners.

Sue is in the process of releasing a new collection of professionally recorded original and re-imagined folk songs. It’s a compilation of original Nova Scotia inspired music and traditional Canadian folk songs that she has re-imagined. She has named the collection ‘Treasures of the Earth and Sea’ because the songs she has written for this collection are her personal treasures.

She will be accomplishing a lifelong dream and a work of love when the full collection is released. Sue has also released a series of music videos for children and has teamed up with an amusing sidekick named Mr. Panda for her kids’ videos and live performances. The children’s music videos have been well received worldwide on the Internet.