My Newest Singles!

Oak Island Gold

Oak Island Gold’ is a funny, meme music video with an addictive tune. It’s lyrics are true to the facts available on The Mystery Money Pit and The Oak Island Secret. Has treasure been found in the pit? Gold or ancient relics? Is there Curse on Oak Island? Who dug the pit – pirates or Knights Templar?

Hills & Glens

Hills and Glens is a traditional Nova Scotia folk song, has a haunting melody but is rarely performed these days. When I was teaching it was beloved by the school children I taught and many Nova Scotian choirs and soloists have been known to sing it. I gave it a more contemporary spin on the tempo, instrumentation and vocal effects used and hopefully, more people will get to know this beautiful Nova Scotian piece.

Nova Scotia Dream

Nova Scotia Dream is my own composition and is a soundscape of Nova Scotia culture/heritage, through my use of descriptive lyrics and instrumentation. It paints beautiful vignettes of Nova Scotia’s ocean, rivers and lakes, the wildlife that abounds in them, and the peaceful lifestyles and activities they support. This song really hits a nerve with the listeners particularly those living away. They have been known to cry when listening to it.

Un Canadien Errant

Un Canadien Errant is a beautiful traditional French folk melody adopted by the Acadians. I adapted and arranged the instrumentation with snare drum, violin, and flute to reflect the history of the song and connection to Nova Scotian History. Antoine Gérin-Lajoie’s lyrics were informally adopted by the Acadians beginning in 1844, in the context of the Acadian deportation 1755-62.

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